Adsator- Notebooks for Humanity, a step towards change.
The world can be changed with little acts of kindness and Adsator gives wings to your innate desires to serve. Education is the brightest beacon of hope for mankind, for an enlightened and educated mass can change the world for the better. Symbolically enough, Adsator is our notebook collection that aims at serving the less fortunate through being a ‘Tabula Rasa’ for the future. Our collection of notebooks are uses strictly eco-friendly materials, is recyclable and serves a greater purpose of spreading awareness and enlightenment. Each notebook that you purchase makes you part of a child’s future, a patient’s cure and a homeless soul’s source of roof and square meal. Adsator stands for selected humanitarian causes and gives back to the society more than 30% of the income generated by its sales.
Potential clients can invest in our humanitarian initiative through advertisements and can identify with a particular cause that you would like to be part of and a part of the profit generated through your contribution shall be channeled to the cause of your preference. We work in collaboration with NGOs, Civil Society Organizations and through direct engagement with the benefactors of our various causes. Our priority areas are education of orphans, tribal children and youth, empowerment of exploited women and children and health-care for the homeless , poor and disabled.
This world as we know it thrives on the wheels of human kindness. Without compassion, a heart to serve and an undying spirit of empathy to the fellow inhabitants of this planet, life itself can be deemed meaningless. Adsator does just that. Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if you remember to light the candle of love. Even the most helpless human being on earth is capable of this superpower- compassionate love. Adsator is your beacon of service, light it through us and let us make this place a hopeful one, in these darkest of times. Let humanity not die.